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stone production line

Stone crusher for crushing limestone, pebbles, granite, basalt

Construction waste crushing production line

Mobile construction waste crushing station for urban construction waste crushing.

Domestic crusher technological innovation required to escort

Domestic crusher technological innovation required to escort

In the town of competition in one fell swoop, to shorten the gap with the developed countries of the time.

In recent years, China's machinery industry in the development of the jaw crusher situation has become more severe, development is not satisfactory, because it is affected by the impact of foreign markets.

Foreign crushing machinery industry compared with the country's machinery industry crusher, crusher and other foreign machinery and equipment industry is relatively mature, the greater the above technical and process advantages of the above exist.

Looking at the status of the domestic market, high-end market in the circulation of the products are imported international brands. In fact, in the early stages of development of China's machinery industry is limited to technical conditions, data, experience and other factors, domestic machinery and equipment in the performance and stability of the jobs are not as foreign brand equipment, but over time, the domestic business has been gradually formed an independent mechanical design system, and have been greatly improved in terms of performance and quality products.

Some well-known domestic brands at this stage, has not inferior to foreign brands equipment, and has slightly better in some respects.

Crusher and other mining equipment industry, there are still many customers will choose foreign brands, imported equipment at home or in a monopoly position, therefore, to break this situation, it is necessary to break the inertia of the development of ideas, domestic enterprises should first produce powerful products so that customers on the domestic machinery and equipment more confidence; secondly, I hope some state-owned enterprise customers to respond to the call of the country, to the domestic mechanical equipment more opportunities, but also give the public the right media guidance.

Can be seen from the above, China's crushing machines and other equipment manufacturers due to lack of independent innovation of technology, so the international crushers and other machinery and equipment market competitiveness of smaller, our crushers and other machinery and equipment manufacturers if want to improve their own products in the market competitiveness, scientific and technological innovation and independent research and development is the inevitable trend of development.

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