stone production line

Stone crusher for crushing limestone, pebbles, granite, basalt

Construction waste crushing production line

Mobile construction waste crushing station for urban construction waste crushing.

artificial sand making machine

Sand Making Machine Profile

Sand crushing introduction of Germany advanced technology, through the design and structural improvements, design and manufacture a new generation of efficient crushing machine. Reasonable multi-cavity combination of the crushing chamber, new and convenient dual regulatory agencies, can guarantee the expected size ≤3mm occupy 85%, fine and uniform particle size. Convenient repair and maintenance devices, so that the exchange hammerhead, the sieve is more convenient. Wear parts are manufactured using the new high-quality multi-element high alloy wear-resistant materials to ensure the hammer, lining superior abrasion resistance and impact resistance. The series crusher smooth running low dust, low power consumption, and therefore efficient Crusher PCX series with conventional crusher compared the following significant advantage.

artificial sand making machine

Sand Making Machine Uses

Sand crushing widely used in chemical, building materials, metallurgy, mining, coal preparation sand and refractory industries, limestone, cement clinker, shale, dolomite, granite, gypsum, mixed materials and other materials for efficient hardness crushing.

The device is suitable mechanism system of artificial stone, Sunaba, highway, rail, water, construction, cement, refractories, metallurgy, glass sands and other industries.

Sand Making Machine technical parameters

Specifications Model Inlet size(MM) Feed size(MM) The particle size(MM) Discharge slit width adjustment Cement clinker(T/H) Limestone
Motor Power(KW)
800×400 400×185 <120 <5 5—20 20—30 35—45 37—45
800×600 500×250 <180 <5 5—20 30—40 45—55 45—55
800×800 550×330 <180 <5 5—20 35—45 55—65 45—55
1010×1010 1000×350 <180 <5 5—20 45—55 65—745 55—75
1200×1000 1200×400 <180 <5 5—20 70—80 80—90 90—110
1200×1200 1200×450 <180 <5 5—20 100—110 90—100 100—132
1400×1400 1500×500 <190 <5 5—20 100—150 100—150 160
1600×1600 1600×550 <190 <5 5—20 170—210 190—250 250
1800×1800 1800×800 <190 <5 5—20 250—270 280—310 315

artificial sand making machine

Sand Making Machine Features

1. ultra thin broken: Add granularity adjustment device to ensure that the expected size ≤3mm occupy 85%;

2. Efficiency: In the same yield reduce motor energy consumption by 40%;

3. Long life: ultra-high-alloy modular hammer, it can turn around and use the average life expectancy increased by 4 times;

The crushing ratio: can be clinker one, two, limestone secondary and tertiary crushing, merged into one broken.

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